A downloadable asset pack

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20 parallax backgrounds for your game/ animation/ whatever you're making !

The backgrounds are 320x64 px

• In the folder you'll find the PNG layers, a PSD with all the layers on it and a ASE for those who use aseprite, if you want to edit something.


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Parallax Backgrounds.zip 522 kB


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even using a few color palettes, the result came out 9/10, amazing.  I'll probably buy it because this style of background matches my game.  If it looks great, can you produce more backgrounds in the future for me?  you can make your price when I ask, is that now I have little money to invest kk

Yes! i'm needing some money so making assets for you would be great, thank you ♥

I was developing a game with my friend, but it's been months and months, and he Don't wraps up his work (art creation).  Would you like to join me?  you can demand money after the creation of the game or already have a guaranteed percentage with the winnings of the game.  I just need to know if you know how to design pumps, slices, etc.  If you want I'll contact you and we'll talk better if you accept

DM me at @gabbassist on twitter.

What is the license on these backgrounds? I don't see it in the information section.

once you buy it, it's yours, modify it, change the colors, use it for games or whatever you want to ;) 


Thanks, I bought the asset pack and really like them.  How do I create/generate the animated gif's that you have demoing the parallax above with the assets in the zip?  I would really like to have a lot of these as animated gifs.

Any help would be appreciated...

Hi ronsween, the gifs i've made it manually with a gif recorder. You can do that parallax effect by moving each background layer with a different speed eg: 0.5 - 0.2 - 0.1 so they have that difference between each layer and it gives that depth effect, i hope this help you ♥ greetings.

Thanks for getting back to me... I poked at your suggestions during the week and understand the parallax, but I dont seem to understand how to get the side scrolling to work... can you tell me which gif recorder you used?  I am using Gimp with varied results.


Your parallax is backwards!! In every example! 

Objects nearest to the viewer move faster than the objects furthest away! Have you ever looked out a train window? Do the mountains move past you faster than objects near the edge of the track?

Oh i didn't noticed that, thank you 

These backgrounds are AWESOME! Thank you for making these available!


Aw, thank you ! ♥  i'm glad you like it, for anything you need you can contact me on twitter @artmomeg

bad background

It is for you